A Lifetime Told Stone By Stone

Hello, my name is Rita Moser, and this is my website that shares my mosaic walls.

All of my mosaic walls are in the log home my husband and I built , “Mosaic Manor”, with the exception of this “sea wall”. Our house was built in 1982 and I spent the last 22 years as a self taught mosaic artist using the walls of my house as a canvas to create stories of beauty and lasting memories. Many types of materials and found treasures are included in my walls.

My most cherished wall of found treasures is this sea wall I created at my son’s house in 2013. I not only would like to share with you my journey of walls and how I became a mosaic artist, but I am also eager to teach you my craft of making these walls.

Feel free to contact me with any questions or information needed. I would love to share, explain, and continue in my ongoing and evolving mosaic journey. Please come along with me to see my walls, learn and grow.


My Mosaics

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